How to : Backup ,Restore and Duplicate Rules

If you need to reinstall your windows system or share your file sorting rules between multiple computers you can backup your rules and restore them with RoboBasket very easily.

Backup Rules

To backup RoboBasket rules as file:
Click the "Rules > Backup Rules" menu, and select the save path in the dialog. Enter the file name and click the "Save" button.

Restore Rules

To restore RoboBasket rules:
Click the "Rules > Restore Rules" menu, and select the file from the dialog. Please note that restoring rules from file will overwrite your current rules settings for all your folders.

Duplicate Rules

When you need to create a set of similar rules for a folder or use the same rules settings for different folders, it's a waste of time to repeat the same creating actions.

So you can use the "Duplicate Rules" function to copy rules. Click the button next to the "Create New Rule" button.

In the duplicate rules window you can select the rules you need from any folder. You can modify the duplicated rules as you need, all the changes you make will not affect the original rules.