How to: Auto Delete Old Files

Deleting files automatically can be very useful if you want to delete old backups, old logs and clean up temp directory. You can find some DOS scripts to do this work, but all these scripts need some tweaking to fit your needs and you also need to have some programming skills.

In this tutorial I will show you how to do this with RoboBasket in a few easy steps. RoboBasket is a tool which can automatically move, copy, rename, delete files according to the rules you set up. You can download RoboBasket from here:

Download RoboBasket

First you have to add the target folder to RoboBasket and let RoboBasket monitoring this folder to search for the old files.

Click the "Show Advanced Settings" button and set the time interval or time point to clean up the folder.

Create a new rule. In the Rule Editor just drag and drop "Date Created" or "Date Last Modified" condition to filter the files.

Set the condition value to "is not in the last 2 week" , this means filtering the files older than 2 weeks. You can set the value as you wish from 1 minute to 60 weeks.

You can also add other conditions to filter files more specific, add extension condition and set the value to "log" can make RoboBasket only delete the log files.

Drag and drop "Recycle" to the action. This action will delete the file to the recycle bin. Now the rule will look like this.

Click "Done" to save the rule. Click "Save and organize in the background" button in the tool bar.

Now RoboBasket will delete the old files for you automatically and silently.