Automatically sort your files based on rules


What's RoboBasket?

RoboBasket is an automatic file sorter that can copy, move, rename, delete and process files based on the user configured set of rules.

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10 reasons to use RoboBasket

  • Set-it-and-Forget-it solution for sorting files.
  • Create rules easily by drag and drop.
  • Filter files based on name, extension, date created, date last modified, size, kind and more other file attributes.
  • Filter mp3s or images using mp3 tags and EXIF information.
  • Perform actions like move, copy, rename, recycle, open, notify and more other actions.
  • Create individual rules set for different folders.
  • Quickly access RoboBasket from system tray menu.
  • Find files quickly by searching detailed actions log.
  • Save a lot of time and effort keeping files organized. RoboBasket can totally Pay for itself
  • Free support by email.

RoboBasket Quick Tutorial

Quick Guide. Click to enlarge

RoboBasket Quick Tutorial

How to create a rule. Click to view the tutorial.

How to create a rule

How to use Dynamic Tag in action. Click to view the tutorial.

How to use Dynamic Tag in action

RoboBasket Screenshots

RoboBasket Main Window Rule Editor Action Log

Download RoboBasket

Download RoboBasket